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RIPPER - Neon Green 68,50EUR

RIPPER - Neon Green
RIPPER - Neon GreenRIPPER - Neon Green

RIPPER Offride Goggle:
Ripper is an up to date design multi-part body goggle that offers all of the Raleri PRORIDE Goggles family technological features. Raleri PRORIDE Goggles are strictly MADE IN ITALY. This means that ALL the manufacturing process is made in Italy. Raleri distortion free Fogstop lenses are top quality, scratch proof and UV protective. PRORIDE Goggles design is comfortable thanks to the memory foam effect and is highly compatible with helmets. The triple foam finish with external soft pile layer is rugged but soft and hypo allergenic: you'll forget about wearing them. Whenever you're using off-road vehicles or MTBs, Raleri goggles will allow hours of true performance preventing moisture, eye strain and discomfort from wasting your riding experience.

- Three parts soft frame without rigid parts, rugged and safe.
- Rapid strap unlock "man down" type
  in case of accident it avoids dangerous head maneuvers.

- Hypoallegenic foam with pile on the face side.
- Lens hosting ring with "pawls", the most stable, rugged and easy lens retention system.
- Front air intakes with removable filters for air flow adjustment.

- High UV protection (from UV380 to UV400)
- Inner Raleri FogStop Antifog
- Big optional lenses gamma
  and the Raleri Roll-off Sliproll System (built on Rip&Roll orignal machinery).
Goggles are equipped with a FogStop Crystal Clear lens as a standard. This kind of lens is suitable for normal and poor light conditions and is tear-off ready thanks to factory provided pins.

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