This section wants to answer to the most frequent questions that we are asked about PCShade insert.
Is PCShade antifog?
PCShade is an high quality antifog insert, that, thanks to it's limited thickness of 0,5mm and to the materials of which is made never induces visual distortions. The absorbent and draining features in both of its inner and outer surfaces and the interstice sealed by its gasket place it between the best solutions against moisture.

Is it also photochromatic? How does it work?
PCShade is a visor insert with photochromic features. The darkening feature is given by an organic pigment that reacts to the UV component of the light, so it works only with sun light and not with the artificial one.

My PCShade seems scratched and of a poor optical quality...
Please remove the protective film (lens guard) from the opposite side of the helmet visor and... ...don't worry, you're not the only one that has ridden such way for some time :-)

Is it sensitive to temperature?
The technology used into PCShade is temperature sensitive: when temperature decrease it can reach a better darkening effect, but it reacts slower. When the temperature is high it reacts more quickly, but reaches a lower level of darkening effect.

Does it works also behind my helmet visor?
PCShade is studied to work behind helmet visors, both those without treatments, the most (including the ones of some well known Japanese brands), and those with UV380, the most common treatment. The darkening effect is still valid, but decreases significantly behind UV400 treated visors.

Ho does it apply to the helmet visor?
It applies through its transparent adhesive gasket. Several kind of gaskets are available as spare parts for special needs.

If the gasket is getting damaged or I want to change it?
Buying the "Gasket Kit" in our online store you'll have two different types of semi-rigid gasket: a low tenacity repositionable gasket (only suitable for certain types of visors) and a black foam permanent one.

Why the Gasket kit seals are different from the original one?
PCShade special gasket is not easy to handle and is applied with an industrial process. Semi-rigid Gasket kit seals instead, are suitable for being used like spare parts.

How much is dark when it's dark? And clear when clear?
In average environmental conditions a dimmed PCShade can reach transmittances values lower than 30% starting from clear values near to 80%.

What is the transmttance?
The transmittance, in optics, is the fraction of incident light that pass trough a transparent object (in our case a visor). It's a numerical index expressed from a ratio:

Transmittance = I/O

where I is the intensity of the incident light and O the intensity of the exiting one measurd on the transparent object. Generally the transmittance is expressed as a percentage:

Transmittance % = (I/O)*100

For example, if a pair of sunglasses has transmittance=20% it means that the light that passed trough them has an intensity of 20% of the outer one.

How long does the phothochromic effect last?
Photochromatic materials are transitory. Some of those, particularly the ones employed into glasses, can last also for a couple of years, but they take several minutes to darken Raleri is a company that looks for 'cutting-edge solutions. The search for a cheap and very quick technology allowed us to reach unique performances (4 sec. to activate) but also a material with a life cycle than can be calculated in a season (4-6 months) of intensive use (several seasons if used occasionally).

How should I care when I don't use it?
The product duration (of several years with product' in its case at a temperature under 25 C), also depends on some tricks written in the instructions too: for example do not leave the product in the sun or heat when not in use (Eg. chained to the motorcycle or inside a vehicle case during summertime).

How am I going to notice when it begins to decay?
PCShade is equipped with the ColorMark technology. When the product it's going to loose its photochromic features it will begin a reaction which will change the colour of the insert. The visor become of a pinkish colour, please see the attached image. In this state, as can be seen from the image (inserts are being stimulated with an UV lamp) the insert can still work as photochromic for some time, then it will only mantain the antifog feature.

The insert is not yet pink, but the effect looks diminished...
Until it's not of a pinkish colour, please see the attached image. the insert is working properly. The diminishing of the darkening effect may be due to circumstances detailed before like high temperature and UV treatments on the external visor or to the haze (that filters UV rays especially on plain zones). But more likely it's often due to a perceptive factor: the visor is so progressive in its fading that after some time the sight gets used to the variations. To realize it we suggest you to occasionally open the helmet.

Facing the sun its colour seems to be insufficent...
For what we know it never exist a driving compliant device that can solve this issue. In some hours of the day (sunset and dawn), running in the sun directon, you will see strong reflections and an annoying widespread haze even through a completely dark visor. The goal of PCShade is to give you a comfortable ride, do not ask it impossible things.

What is its reaction time? How long it takes to dimm?
PCShade can reach in few seconds over 80% of its maximum dimming level and can return same way quickly to the clear state.

Is the PCShade visor afraid of rain, hot or cold?
It's not more scared than any biker. Indeed is in such conditions that the antifog of which PCShade is equipped gives its best.

How much is thick? How much does it weigh?
The visor weighs some tens of grams with small differences between the different models and it's 0,5mm thick. The gasket is another 0,5mm for a total of 1mm at the edge.

Does it need a special maintenance?
No and as it's installed in a naturally protected helmet zone, it never needs particular cares after the installation. It can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or with the Raleri Cleaning Kit

I want an PCShade now! where can I buy it?
You can buy a fulltime visor PCShade in the best bike shops or directly from our online shop.

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