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A tile of western culture encased in your glasses temple. The Byzantine mosaic technique, human heritage preserved in the history of art, comes to us from ancient tradition, entirely preserved by the wise hands of Ravenna Academy of Mosaic Masters and, among them, Koko Mosaico studio is a distinguished representative. Now as then, precious metals, glass, plaster, Venetian plaster and marble pebbles, trimmed and placed one by one by expert hands, make up for a colour liturgy that stops time due to their beauty.


LongBoard, the one in the pictures, is a pair of trendy sunglasses that suggest in a funny way an evergreen line renewed and enhanced with small notes of style. Thanks to the individually coloured laminated layers it's possible to build a reasonably rugged frame that will last its colour brilliance for a long time. The precious internal colour effect is due to the vertical layer disposition as they are laminated before milling. The mosaic fantasy creates a gorgeous play of light, giving a contemporary appeal to the glasses. On request, it is possible to customise the mosaic graphic content. A Similar effect in a feminine declination can be achieved putting sun filters on an EasyFit equipped Shirley Koko frame, to be seen clicking here