Made In Italy
Raleri means Italian design over high technology and of course optic research and development: Day after day we collect ideas around practical needing, some of which become products and some will remain just studies.

We're sportspeople and motorbikers. Our passion, year after year, led us to far places, made us meet unique people living unforgettable experiences. This scenery has always been the driving engine of our research. Raleri was actually born in Bologna during 2008 around the study of a specific product: a dimming visor that would allow the motorbikers to comfortably drive through light and shadow turnover. Nowadays, after many patents, prototypes and studies on materials and technologies, Raleri has become an even more outstanding voice relatively to antimoisture and photosensitive materials, to the vision protection and to the study of new technical solutions.

Other companies had often turned to Raleri skills when searching high technology solutions.This fact gave us the opportunity to grow up to look into making available our solutions in the form of Raleri branded products. This is how our optical product lines were born. The ECOlution family, for example, was born from a surfers niche article, a floating pair of sunglasses, and has become the lifestyle icon of a contemporary and sustainable elegance. Several other Raleri products has a similar story to tell, like the FogStop moisture preventing inserts and the ProRide goggles, used by Italian National Wintersports Federation (FISI) or the sport goggle developed under the World Rugby directions, the only one approved by the International Rugby Board..

Our research of technologies, materials and solutions never stops as we like to innovate and to amaze, but most of all it's because we wish to make your sport and leisure time being more comfortable and safe.