Raleri FogStop is the best ever antifog... ...because its antimoisture system is both absorbent and draining.

The superb optical quality of FogStop visor inserts for helmets is due to the special material of which they're made.
FogStop inserts, available in five static colors plus a photochromatic one, install onto the visor in a safe but not damaging way thanks to their transparent Raleri gaskets. Raleri's special gaskets also improve antifog effect creating a sealed air chamber between insert and visor. You'll need anymore to remove insert and to clean it, as it will be always optically perfect.


Whoever is using an helmet in extreme or professionally relevant contexts chooses Raleri antifogs. It's the case of the Italian National Bobsleigh Team, that uses LightShade Clear or Hi-Def on the race helmets offering so to Raleri an unique scenery to develope new antimoisture technologies: a temperature excursion over 40° between the locker room and the track with high humidity peaks due to breathing in the sleight pushing phase.
LightShade Hi-Def is also the first choice of several MOTO2 and CIV SuperBike race pilots. In the sunny days it's installed after the dark racing visors to balance the typical loss of contrast (LightShade Hi-Def is in fact equipped of a special filter that "cuts" some optical noise carrier frequencies). As there is cloudy or changeable weather LightShade FogStop Hi-Def is instead directly installed onto clear visors. The goal is anyway to improve kerbs and track signals sighting and to enhance attention and concentration.
Different is the Local Police and long range riders (GlobeTrotters) approach: they alternate LightShade FogStop Clear with PCShade FogStop that once again prove itself to be the best insert for changeable light conditions. Click on the following images for a cases subtitled mini-gallery. More cases on our FB page.

Wintersports Athletes
Cicca per una minigalleria dell'uso di LightShade col Bob.
Local Police
Clicca per una minigalleria dei Vigili Urbani Casalecchio con Visiere Raleri
Clicca per una minigalleria dei Vigili Urbani Casalecchio con Visiere Raleri
Race Riders
Clicca qui per una alleria di applicazioni sportive Clicca qui per una alleria di applicazioni sportive
Clicca qui per una alleria di applicazioni sportive Clicca qui per una alleria di applicazioni sportive
Cicca qui per una galleria dei nostri Giramondo e Piloti a lunga percorrenza
Cicca qui per una galleria dei nostri Giramondo e Piloti a lunga percorrenza

        CLEAR - High transparency and amazing optical quality antifog LightShade Clear
        DARK - A cheap solution to turn your faceshield into a dark one LightShade Dark
        HiDef - HD high contrast racing insert, improves concentration LightShade HiDef
        PC Shade - The photochromatic insert of the FogStop family
with amazing features, visit its page
LightShade and PCShade are available in three versions:

  - Standard, for Tourer and Jet Helmets,
  - Small
, for Race and Sport Helmets
  -  Arai Compatible, to be installed on helmets having Vent system.

FogStop inserts has been designed for a top compatibility. The length of Small and Arai Compatible versions is enough reduced to fit helmets having tear-offs hooks and/or other retention systems. They are truly "universal" inserts for jet, fullface, touring and sport helmets.
If you want to be definitely sure to buy the right model for your helmet, please download the stencil masks in pdf format, clicking the shapes on the right. Print them and verify they're in 1:1, cut them and do the test on your own visor. If testing the mask on your helmet you'll find some compatibility problem, please write us at specifying brand and model. We'll study our new solutions on your needing.

Disegno Standard
Disegno Standard
Dima Small
Disegno per Arai


" So far Raleri insert is the first solution that allows me a sharp and clean sight."
Simone Bertazzo, 2men and 4men bobsleed Italian team pilot

"When I stop at traffic lights I no longer need to lift up the helmet visor"
A Local Police officier

"The racing dark visor helps in riding especially when sun is low, but the sight is a little bit  flattened:
curbs, asphalt and rubber trajectories are getting confused... 
LightShade HighDef Insert, installed beside dark visor, seems to return colors and volumes
Gabriele D'alessandro, MOTO2 CIV Bimota Team

"Fogstop LightShade HD is very good: I had the feeling of having more brightness.
I noticed the difference especially in the warm up when I put on the smaller insert
(editor's note the SMALL model) attached at the bottom: in spite of all the visibility was much 
better! Then, in 2nd manche, with the insert of the right size
(editor's note STD model). I was really more focused into riding
Simone Saltarelli, Team SBK CIV Ducati Grandi Team

"Raleri products are working great, hours and hours for days and days in the rain
with temperatures down to zero, but absolutely no fogging
Davide Biga, Yamaha Tester, solitary World round trip

"High quality materials tested in the rain traveling at night in Slovenia.
The performances of the Standard PCShade were exceptional:
moisture on the inside frame of the visor all the way around,
but perfect visibility in the area of the lens!
During daytime the photochromic insert is also perfect:
basically I combine it with the clear goggles keeping the visor
half lowered, so the "sun problem" is solved
Tommaso Buti, Sport Tourer, Italia-Mongolia round trip

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