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Dartpin is an up to date design multi-part body goggle with a special lens changing pin system that offers all of the Raleri PRORIDE Goggles family technological features.Raleri PRORIDE Goggles line is strictly MADE IN ITALY. This means that ALL the manufacturing process is made in Italy. Raleri distortion free Fogstop lenses are top quality, scratchproof and UV protective. PRORIDE Goggles design is comfortable thanks to memory foam effect and highly compatible with helmets. The triple foam finish with external soft pile layer is rugged but soft and hypoallergenic: you'll forget about wearing them. Whenever you're using a motorbike, an MTB, an ATV, a snowmobile, a microlight, Raleri goggles will allow you to perform for hours preventing moisture, eye strain and uncomfortableness from wasting your riding experience.

Rapid Lens Change thanks to PINs:
The Soft Frame Shell - Raleri has chosen to build its frames with the best materials available paying attention to comfort, to helmet fitting and to the capability to host any special lens that will be available in the future. The special moulding technology allow the frame to be extremely flexible. Rugged, lightweight and free of rigid parts, PRORIDE Soft Frames are completed with filtered air intakes with washable filters and triple layer foam with pile on the face side. Those frames are designed for a top durability. Soft Frame means "soft mount". The frame having no rigid parts allows top level lightness and comfort and moreover in case of impact it will preserve your face from the bad surprises often given by rigid shells. Watch the side video to better understand what we mean with Soft Frame. Our shatterproof polycarbonate lenses complete this product in the best way respecting its unique ruggedness and safety specifications.

The wide range of available lenses and accessories says a lot about the versatility of this goggles. Single and double lenses with washable filters, clear, tinted or mirror coated. All weather lenses for the the dark wood, the sunny glacier and the snowy desert. Ripper can be equipped with dust and mud terrains off-road accessories. Tear-off films, Slip-roll roll off system with stuck-proof treatment on the lenses and the race-pack box, to store up to 5 units + lenses and accessories, complete the Ripper choice for a professional use.

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