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Legni Italiani is the most valuable among the Raleri frame families. The handicraft production is totally Made in Italy. Thanks to an internal layered beech structure built crossing wood veins, this frame can reach the thinnest thicknesses in the respect of a fair strength. This technique allows so to design lighter and more attractive frames. With this new Legni Italiani line Raleri wants to give the wooden glasses the deserved role of dynamic segment in the world of eyewear, combining innovation and tradition through an accurate craftsmanship.

All the models, when worn, give warm and velvety sensations with a comfortable fitting, enhanced by the shaped temple-ends. The coin, tongue or pike shaped old school temple-ends are actually precious manufacturing details used to improve the fitting comfort since when the temple materials were not bendable. The look obtained recovering this tradition over the use of small symbols and sophisticated structural particulars gives Legni Italiani frames a sinuous timeless elegance.

The crafting technology comes from one of the most rugged item belonging to rural tradition: the shovel handle. The beech layers, scraped and stratified crossing wood veins, were used in the past centuries to build this solid, humble but precious stick. This gadget, which was use to survive tools and people was in the same time a device, a support and a weapon. This is why we decided to imitate its structure to give strength to Legni Italiani frames.

The frames is externally upholstered with precious wooden layers which give to glasses different moods. EBANO (ebony): the darker shade that wood can offer us; NOCE (walnut): discrete nuance that make lighter the perception of the frame as often is similar to skin colors; PADOUK: this wood has warm, classy and uncommon shades of red; ROVERE (oak): A not too rough way to be white made this nuance the right shade for colored complexions ; ZEBRANO (zebrawood): A very special root gives this essence dynamic colors which, with their tropical flavor, recall the colonial style. WENGE': A grain of thin veins with a material nature offers us another variation on the dark wood theme.