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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent from websites that the user is currently visiting. These data are then stored in text files on the user’s computer and, in occasion of subsequent visits, sent back to the website that sent them previously.

Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are text files sent from a different site than the one the user is visiting. This is because sometimes it may happen that data such as images, specific links, maps reside in a different server from the one of the visited site.

In both cases these small pieces of data are very important for a website because they allow to improve the user experience in the use of the sites by collecting information on the carried out navigation.

Without the use of cookies, for example, some complex virtual operations could not be performed: for example, the display of the statement or bill payment for which the Cookies, once identified the user, allow the user to keep the session open for carrying out the aforementioned operations.

Cookies for example can remind the site of your browsing preferences to avoid selecting the language every time, in order to make simpler subsequent visits;

Shortly, Cookies allow you to save time as they help the site to remember your browsing preferences to avoid having to re-type them every time you return to that specific website; also they can be used to make "anonymous surveys" on how users navigate through the site, so that they can then improve it basing on real data (for example with Google Analytics).

Cookies don’t record personal information, in fact any identifiable data will never be stored.

These data, therefore, can only be read by computers and often have an expiration date, after which the browser deletes them automatically.

Types of cookies and how are they used by the website?

Cookies are used for different purposes depending on their part: there are essential cookies or navigation ones without which some services will not work properly; Performance or analytical cookies, which simply store information that anonymously identify a visitor and serve to improve the browsing experience and the quality of a site by the user; and finally there are the Functionality Cookies that, by allowing the site to remember the user’s selected choices (such as language or other available settings), supply customized functionality.

Cookies can then be Technical or Profiling: the first ones have the only purpose of making a simple data transmission or, to the extent that they are necessary, to supply the service specifically required by the user (such as for example logging into the private area of a site); the latter, on the other hand, keep memorized a specific profile of the user, such as browsing preferences, in order to send targeted advertisements.

As already seen before, inside a website there are also third-party cookies that allow the user to connect to his own account or to share contents via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus ...).

Finally, we remind you that by signing any contact form on this site, you agree to be subscribed to the Newsletter containing information concerning to the user’s requests. The user then by filling in with his own data the fields provided in any contact form on the site, implicitly consent to their use to respond to the request.

How to modify the settings on cookies?

The user can at any time disable the use of cookies by customizing the settings of his own browser. After performing one of these operations, however, some web page functions could not work properly.

To proceed instead without modifying the application of Cookies, simply continue browsing.

Communication and dissemination of data

The data collected using cookies may be processed by the collaborators of this site, as persons authorized to process data and data processors. These data may also be processed by trusted companies that perform tasks of a technical and organizational nature on our behalf. These companies are our direct collaborators and act as data controllers. In particular, as part of the processing of data carried out through the site, the Company is responsible for processing as concerns the management and technical maintenance of the site. The collected data will not be disclosed to third parties nor disseminated.